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Signaler un problème

CHARACTERS Signaler un problème FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ Signaler un problème AmiliesFault Lines shares for the first time findings from Dr Pillemers ten year groundbreaking Cornell Reconciliation Project based on the first national survey on estrangement; rich in depth interviews with hundreds of people who have experienced it; and insights from leading family researchers and therapists He assures people who are estranged and those who care about them that they are not alone and that fissures can be bridgedThrough the wisdom of people who have been there Fault Lines shows how healing is possible through clear steps that people can use ri.


CHARACTERS Signaler un problème FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ Signaler un problème Real solutions to a hidden epidemic family estrangementEstrangement from a family member is one of the most painful life experiences It is devastating not only to the individuals directly involved collateral damage can extend upward downward and across generations More than million Americans suffer such rifts yet little guidance exists on how to cope with and overcome them In this book Karl Pillemer combines the advice of people who have successfully reconciled with powerful insights from social science research The result is a uniue guide to mending fractured f.

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CHARACTERS Signaler un problème FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ Signaler un problème Ght away in their own families It addresses such uestions as How do rifts begin What makes estrangement so painful Why is it so often triggered by a single event Are you ready to reconcile How can you overcome past hurts to build a new future with a relativeTackling a subject that is achingly familiar to almost everyone especially in an era when powerful outside forces such as technology and mobility are lessening family cohesion Dr Pillemer combines dramatic stories science based guidance and practical repair tools to help people find the path to reconciliation.

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