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Airports on Hold /anglais (LISTLAB) review Þ 103 Gates the relationship between small and medium airports and territories through a series of case studies The research included herein has been compiled from the author's experiences at numerous universities Especial thanks go out to the Harvard Graduate School of Design the University IUAV of Venice the University of Genoa and the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona for supporting the creation of this bo.

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Airports on Hold /anglais (LISTLAB) review Þ 103 A glimpse into the past and present of airport architecture Explores humanity's capriciousness our ability to build magnificent structures we never mean to inhabit and then decommission them once we deem that they are no longer of use What happens when a functional building is decommissioned This book investigates liminal spaces areas we occupy between here and there; structures that exist only as a plac. ´ 3 characters

Airports on Hold /anglais (LISTLAB) review Þ 103 E to be passed through rather than as a destination in themselves Its onus is buildings that have fallen to the wayside and no longer channel continuous flows of human traffic Combining architectural insight with a study of the transitory human condition Airports on Hold analyses a number of obsolete airport infrastructures As well as exploring how design impacts on an airport's success this book investi.

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