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  • 28 November 2019
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Small Animal Toxicology - E-Book Read Ö 104 St up to date and thorough text in this field45 different experts contribute to this book all from the field of veterinary toxicology and medicine20 new chapters have been addedNew topics include a list of toxicants affecting body systems management of toxins in pregnancy diagnostic toxicology bacterial toxins and cosmetictoilet articlesSnake bite injuries are treated in two separate expanded chapters Pit Vipers and Coral SnakesSection on pharmaceuticals includes bromides anticonvulsants tricycle antidepressants monoamine oxidize inhibitors B adrenergic toxicities and vitamins A and DAdditional specific toxicants are covered including Amitraz hydramethylon ethanol mercury toad toxins poisonous frogs salamanders newts and venomous arthropod.

Download Small Animal Toxicology - E-BookSmall Animal Toxicology - E-Book

Small Animal Toxicology - E-Book Read Ö 104 This revised and expanded reference is a valuable aid for the practicing veterinary clinician in diagnosing and determining treatment for toxic exposures in small animals and for veterinary students as a supplement to their classroom instruction It contains chapters addressing nontraditional areas of toxicology not covered in conventional toxicology texts It also covers areas of toxicology which seem basic but are rarely discussed such as taking a toxicological history establishing a minimum database providing supportive care and managing emergency treatment of the poisoned patient The book is organized into three sections including 20 new chapters and new topics such as grapes and raisins lilies Christmas time plants mercury and accidenta.

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Small Animal Toxicology - E-Book Read Ö 104 L poisoning in non traditional petsNew two color design makes the bookesthetically pleasing and allows for uick retrieval of informationToxic Plant Information Summary tables make treatments for plant intoxications easy to findToxic Plant uick Reference Based on Clinical Signs tables are included to support small animal veterinarians in cases of potential toxic plant ingestionSummary charts at the beginning of each chapter in the Specific Toxicants section contain bulleted lists with clear cut information on the specific toxicant the clinical signs and prognosisA comprehensive review of all known potentially toxic substances is provided from A acetaminophen to Z zinc including the very latest on grape and raisin toxicity making this the mo.