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  • Thinking about Suicide
  • David Webb
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  • 22 April 2020
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David Webb ☆ 6 Read

Thinking about Suicide Read · 106 Nt but a very deliberate exclusion of this critically important first person knowledge Webb rejects the medical model that claims su. Not an easy subject to tackle but the author does a very good job Not an easy read but essential reading for those working on the front line with people in mental distress

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Thinking about Suicide Read · 106 The literature of suicidology has studiously ignored those who actually experience suicidal feelings Webb suggests this is no accide. Very interesting read and seeing suicide from the perspective of someone who has tried many times Very good

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Thinking about Suicide Read · 106 Icide is caused by some notional mental illness and discusses the spiritual wisdom that released him from the persistent urge to die. Delighted and came uickly which helped as I had been looking for this for a while