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  • 07 June 2018
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Donald C. Plumb ¿ 1 SUMMARY

SUMMARY Ì Veterinary Drug Handbook, CD-ROM Donald C. Plumb ¿ 1 SUMMARY Es this book reuired reading for veterinarians veterinary pharmacologists pharmacists in veterinary hospital practice laboratory and veterinary technicians animal research facilities and libraries that serve these group. This book is a vital and must needed item for college for a veterinary technician student It had what you need

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Veterinary Drug Handbook, CD-ROM

SUMMARY Ì Veterinary Drug Handbook, CD-ROM Donald C. Plumb ¿ 1 SUMMARY Extensively revised this edition of the handbook includes new drug monographs and many new dosages as well as updated dosages to newer references Prescriber Highlights introduce each monograph adding uick reference conv. First the bad news This book is not complete I ckecked some 60 drugs of common use in our clinic and I could not find about 10 of them Some of the missing ones were dipyrone chlorhexidine clotrimazole and econazole mebendazole scopolamina and spiramicyn You decide whether they are important to you On the good side every drug that IS included in the book gets a full treatment And I really mean full After you read any monograph you know everything that is to know about the drug chemistry compatibility pharmacology and pharmacokinetics uses and indications contraindications toxicity doses etc


SUMMARY Ì Veterinary Drug Handbook, CD-ROM Donald C. Plumb ¿ 1 SUMMARY Enience to this world class sourcebook The th edition of Plumb upholds the uality that has made this book an indispensable tool for the profession One volume comprehensive coverage of routinely used veterinary drugs mak. I am always cautious when it comes to getting something preowned used because sometimes the item descriptions can t be trusted and the item has been through hell and back but I am very pleased with the way this book turned out Of course it has the usual bumps and scrapes that comes with owning a paper back book but the description said that it was Used Acceptable which in my opinion is not true If I were to have sold this book I would have put it as Used Very Good because it does not have any spine creases or any major corner scrapes or tears All in all I could not be any happier with this product than