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  • 09 October 2018
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Margaret Weis ´ 9 Summary

review Dragonlance Campaign Setting Margaret Weis ´ 9 Summary Summary × E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Margaret Weis Content covering eras from the War of the Lance to the War of Souls along with expanded rules for aerial combat the DragonlanceCampaign Setting provides the charcter races prestige classes feats spells monsters and maps you need to fully explore the world of Dragonlan For a manual of game rules and guidelines this was actually fairly entertaining Once I catch up on my DragonLance reading and re reading and get the source material firmly set in my head I might consider running an online campaign using this book Even though I am not currently gaming the book was interesting and filled in some gaps in the DragonLance world that I was missingFair warning if you intend on reading a lot in this series this manual contains uite a few spoilers so you may want to wait to take a look at this until you ve at least read the main cannon of the DragonLance time line

review Dragonlance Campaign SettingDragonlance Campaign Setting

review Dragonlance Campaign Setting Margaret Weis ´ 9 Summary Summary × E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Margaret Weis Come the newest legends in the world of DragonlanceFrom Solamnic Knights and Dragon Riders to kender tinker gnomes and draconians the rich tapestry of the Dragonlance world comes alive in this campaign setting for the Dungeons Dragons roleplaying game With historical Perhaps I am bias because when I was young I read the original three Dragonlance novels but I find this edition of the Dragonlance campaign setting to be very disappointing I have seen the ADD 2e boxed set of Dragonlance and it was very fascinatingHowever I think that the main reason for my disappointment is that the authors felt it necessary to include the novels written in the Dragonlance world that occurred after the 2nd Edition boxed set which gives the world of Krynn a very different flavor from its previous incarnation I suppose I feel alienated because of this but there are other reasonsThe basic classes are redefined edited or left out in this book which is both good and bad Some new basic classes are added for flavor some of which seem redundant since other basic classes essentially do the same thing There are prestige classes that could have been modeled better in terms of mechanical progression 3 progressive classes for an Order of Knights seems silly The writing style failed to make the material interesting as well as trying too hard to cover many novels in a short space of textFor these reasons I cannot possibly recommend the purchase of this book unless you re a DD collector or a diehard Dragonlance fan

Summary × E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Margaret Weis

review Dragonlance Campaign Setting Margaret Weis ´ 9 Summary Summary × E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Margaret Weis Sagas from the lands of Krynn are filled with valiant heroes destined to discover ancient secrets and vanuish terrible evils Like those great champions you will band together with brave companions to set forth on daring adventures The tales of those bold deeds will be Ok to sum this up briefly if you want to play Dragonlance in 3rd edition rules buy this bookDoesn t matter if you didn t like the Fifth Age or the War of Souls If you did fantasticWhat this book provides is a comprehensive translation of all outdated material from the previous editions into a newer supplement It explains the history of the setting from the creation of the world to the end of the War of SoulsThere are new races new prestige classes and base classes New magic items and artifacts Now so than ever DL3E is richer and vibrant than ever beforeMy pet gripes which prevents this from being five stars The history had several spoilers which I think the book should have done a better job at warning the reader against I found slabs of text which where copied and pasted from previous editions of Dragonlance campaign setting sections on the Wizards of High Sorcery being a good example ripped from the Tales of the Lance boxed set and from the ADD 1st Ed campaign setting as well IIRC The art could have been greatly improved the art in the Age of Mortals however is the best I ve seen in any recent d30 DnD 3e book so that made up for it reallyThe book lives up to reputation however the material is substantial well written albeit poorly illustrated and I thoroughly recommend it I recommend you purchase Age of Mortals with it as you ll wind up with a lot of uestions which are answered in that book anyway