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Read & Download Looking For Madeleine: Updated 2019 Edition ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ges of the Portuguese police dossier Pinpoints the misreading of forensic evidence that for a time turned Kate and Gerry McCann into formal suspects Follows the clues indicating that the McCanns apartment was watched that the apartment had been visited by a phoney charity collector Reports in frightening detail on the many earlier sex assaults on British children in the areaTwelve years on as. Too many people simply believed the misleading and inaccurate press coverage some of it disgraceful about the circumstances surrounding this terrible and tragic event Summers Swann as is their usual skilled unbiased independent and professional way conduct a thorough and almost forensic analysis of all the available evidence and police documents They present an undeniable and it seems obvious scenario proving that little Maddie God Bless her was stolen probably to order It s a horrible thing to imagine and to have happened to parents I urge doubters to read the book and consider the EVIDENCE in an unbiased and open minded way

Free download Looking For Madeleine: Updated 2019 EditionLooking For Madeleine: Updated 2019 Edition

Read & Download Looking For Madeleine: Updated 2019 Edition ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Scotland Yard and Portuguese investigators continue their work the Yard is focusing on a specific suspect A senior officer told the authors The case is solvableWhat readers have said about LOOKING FOR MADELEINELucidly written superbly researchednon judgementalAn excellent fascinating updateA wonderful book I was engrossed from beginning to endExtensive researchplausible and sensible conclusion. Felt the book to be rather biased and will not be finishing it It must be truly truly devastating to lose a child in whatever circumstances but I must be honest and say that this would never have happened if Madeleine had not been left alone with her siblings in an unlocked apartment You can throw all the money in the world at investigating this but it will never ease the guilt the parents must feel A tragedy that need not have happened

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Read & Download Looking For Madeleine: Updated 2019 Edition ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook LOOKING FOR MADELEINE is the must read account that the online haters tried to silence Its award winning authors Anthony Summers Robbyn Swan are featured in the NETFLIX series The Disappearance of Madeleine McCannEXPLOSIVE Sun COMPELLING Daily TelegraphThe book Identifies the blunders made during the police search for Madeleine Draws on confidential police sources Analyses the thousands of pa. There is absolutely nothing new in this book and it avoids asking some uestions which I would like them to answer The first is why such store has been given to the Tanner sighting The official line is Gerry checked on the children just after 9 Jane Tanner saw a man carrying a sleeping child but minutes later ergo the predator was either actually hiding in the apartment or so close he could move in immediately and take Madeleine from her bed This is the basis of Kate s book and numerous interviews However Operation Grange has disproved that theory and the Smiths sighting at 1000 is thought to be the relevant one However that may and I say no than may implicate Gerry so the McCann line is pretty much to ignore it Secondly what was it about the investigation that made some members of Scotland Yard make a significant donation to the Goncalo Amaral defence fund Finally did Brenda Leyland really deserve to be hounded to her death